Grand Hyatt Steakhouse, Wanchai

2/F, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai 

Since we couldn’t wait another six months to fine dine, the boyfriend and I went to the Grand Hyatt Steakhouse to cheers to our half year anniversary (when I was in Hong Kong).  Anyone who knows me knows how terrible I usually am with relationships, which is why I preferred to shy away from them for the last two years.  But I suppose what applies to food can also apply to men: if you already have a quality ingredient, then you don’t need to work too hard to make your dish perfect. Aww yeah.

The setting/atmosphere is very ‘Boardwalk Empire’ cool; dim-lighting, plush leather chairs, dark ominous colours, dark wood panelling, little statues in little corners that you see in the corner of your eye.  This is a manly man’s club, fully decked out with a cigar room too near the exits. The booth style tables are actually near to the buffet table (you can opt for a seasonal buffet) but the floors in that part of the restaurant are wood planks, and the noise is less appealing than in the carpeted area on the other side.  Which is where we were sitting.  Which was nice.  Because you know all that new couples want to do on a date is whisper sweet nothings to each other in peace.

Then the menu.  First thing I noticed about the menu was how simple it was.  I love this!  I hate menus that beat around the bush and don’t actually tell me anything about anything I want to know, or worse still:  when they give names to dishes that mean absolutely nothing to me, like “Mom’s Pie” or “Stacy’s Gumbo” – What did your Mom put in her fucking pie?  Who is Stacy and was she or was she not familiar with Creole cuisine?  There’s always a backstory.  Allow this backstory, your food should be a story in itself.  Let it speak for itself!  Let it scream on the plate, not from your paper, fool!

The GHS went straight to the point – “PAN FRIED DIVER SCALLOPS – TOMATO AND BACON SALSA”.  Boom.  The server actually asked us after we made our order whether we were hungry enough for all the items.  Little did she know what we were capable of….


The garlic bread came out first and was a very good sign for what was to come.  It had a perfect crust and at the same time, was nicely soaked on the crumb with loads of garlic and butter.

What followed next was half a dozen assorted oysters.  [I don’t have a photo for this and for that, I apologise] Another server came up to explain the three sets (two of each) which I appreciated; there were two French types, the names I forget, but were both very creamy and fresh.  I wasn’t too keen on the Tasmanian oysters because they were briny and a little meatier, but they were still very fresh and I was very happy in all.


We then decided on the Pan-fried Diver Scallops.  Beautifully cooked, these scallops were juicy to the bite and had a nice sear, as you can see.  It was covered with a tomato salsa, bacon and I think those were chives.  A traditional combination, but well executed.  The tanginess of the salsa, smokiness of the bacon, sweetness of the scallops and the subtle garlicky/oniony undertones from the chives – perfect.  I think there was also a bit of crème fraiche or cream of some kind to mop up but my memory is hazy on this.  Blame the wine?


The Oak Smoked Salmon actually seemed less inspired than the other appetizer, but it was still very good.  Covered with capers, crème fraiche, various herbs and a few quail eggs, we devoured this quite easily.  The salmon did have a smokier texture but the garlic bread had overpowered my taste buds a tad too much to me to catch any more than subtle oaky flavours.  Ordered as its own sole appetizer, I don’t think this would’ve been very filling.  But considering what we had ordered, this was a good accompaniment and I was not complaining.  So far, so good.  Now, for the steak – the Tomahawk Chop 32 oz (for two).


Our first “date” was at Shore in Sheung Wan for a boss sous vide wagyu ribeye, so we didn’t stray too far away from our steak-loving origins… but far enough that we wouldn’t have to compare the two too closely with eachother.

This steak was cooked perfectly medium rare, as we (all should) like it, and was HUGE on the wooden slab.  We were offered a variety of sauce accompaniments, including their home-made sauces like truffle infused mustard, which we decadently spooned on after we tried our steak.  We chose the creamed spinach as a side, and were tempted to order the truffle fries too but thank god we didn’t – we were absolutely stuffed after we finished this thing.  My only qualm with the steak was that it was tendon filled which made the texture a little erring.  Overall, I really could not complain, it was flavoursome and we were absolutely satisfied with the meal; it was the perfect night with the perfect boyfriend.

Although I am tentative about celebrating any more anniversaries with this man before checking my cholesterol levels, I sincerely hope we have plenty more to come.

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