The Press Room wins DiningCity’s Restaurant Week’s “Best Restaurant”

108, Hollywood Road, SOHO, Sheung Wan

And rightly so!  See here:

Admittedly, I didn’t go to the Press Room for Restaurant Week, but have been quite a few times – including during their Promotion Period (May 27 to August 31, 2013) for 40% off on Tuesdays.  I love their simple yet humbling take on French-European cuisine, and the fact they are a restaurant that stays true to the notion of casual dining.

The portions are anything but pretentious, and their policy of actually taking reservations is a breath of fresh air.  It’s always nice to know when you’re allowed to dig into your dinner, and that you won’t be stuck in a queue like you’re outside Volar wearing Crocs with socks.  It’s also rather nice to know that what you do end up digging into will actually fill you up – you know, like a dinner should.  So snaps for the Press Room for actually sticking to their guns and congratulations on a much-deserved ‘Best Restaurant’ award at Restaurant Week!

I present a few photographs from my latest Press Room foodie trip.  They were taken a few weeks back so I apologies if the details are a little blurry.  I have the memory of a goldfish.  (Which is another reason why I blog.)

ImageThe oyster selection is impressive, with 6 oysters setting you back $186.  The French type at the front here was incredibly creamy, plump and full-flavoured.  If you prefer the brinier options, they also have Tasmanian oysters with high salt characters.  Check the blackboard for their selections.  I’ve still not gotten around to ordering the Plateux de Fruits de Mer ($220 per person; with lobster: $396) but from eyeing up other tables, it’s a whopper.

ImageThe Foie Gras Ballotine ($130) on the a la carte is served with truffled French beans, but from what I remember, this dish was served with a simple salad.  You are given a rather hefty slice, to be spread on a thin, crispy crostini with a dash of balsamic reduction.  Gluttony at its best.

ImageThere is a lobster here, but I really want to highlight the pomme frites ($39 a la carte).  I know – fries over lobster?  I’m a huge fan of these fries.  You choose your side and sauce with some of the mains, so don’t make the mistake of ordering anything but these deliciously crunchy matchsticks!  The lobster here was cooked well, but I’d pass on steaks as it is not their forte.  The bearnaise is smooth and nicely seasoned.

ImageWhole Roast Fish of the Day – I apologise, I can’t remember what fish this was.  It was stuffed with lemon, and salt-baked which left us with decadently soft, succulent white flesh under the skin.  The salad was a nice accompaniment, with the licorice notes of the shaved fennel and peppery rocket complimenting the citrus zing.

ImageThe Lobster Risotto ($155/$206) is a must, if you still have enough space in your stomach for it.  Incredibly filling, but so luxurious: the creamy risotto still has enough texture to discern it from gloopity gloop but made with plenty of love and attention that it is smooth and luscious to the bite.  The lobster claw and plenty of lobster chunks hide inside, adding to this incredibly flavourful dish.  We loved this.

I also recommend their Clams with White Wine ($130) – the garlic and parsley sauce is pure heaven – which is unfortunately not pictured here.

As for the bar, I suppose that’ll be for you to find out, as I’ve not tried anything past their Press Room Pimm’s Cup, at $300 for a carafe. I consider it a Press Room ‘thing’ of mine to order a Pimm’s here, if not a nice bottle of wine to enjoy at our leisurely pace.


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