Tapagria, TST

18/F, The One, 100 Nathan Road, TST

Actress Carina Lau has recently opened three ventures on the 18th Floor of The One: Tapagria, Kyo-Shun and Zurrolia.  Andrew and I chose to check out Tapagria for a more casual Spanish dine in. Zurrolia, also on this floor, is the fine-dining alternative.

Unsure what to expect, but secretly aching for an authentic, masterfully concocted sangria, I crossed my fingers desperately.  One sip from their deep red jar of Wild Berry ($330; 1/2: $290), embellished with blackberries and all manners of sweetness in Cachaça, and my fingers weren’t the only things happily loosened.

I do remember looking at their food menu online as I was on my way  (read: trying to work out the frustrating puzzle of elevators and lifts leading up to this mysterious floor at The One), and wondered dismally if the illustrations were a half-assed Windows Accessories Paint job.  I suppose, in some ways, one shouldn’t judge the restaurant by its menu.

IMG_1846The stand-out was without a doubt the paella*!  Incredibly rich, perfectly-seasoned rice was jeweled with a few fresh treasures from the sea – mussels, clams, and prawns.  I loved the delicious depth of flavour, and might have to admit that it’s probably one of the better paellas I’ve tasted in Hong Kong.  Sadly, it’s tapas-sized, so you might have to be the better man and let your partner steal away the lone prawn.

Tapagria Menu: It's kind of like toddler art versus modern art.  I feel like I'm offending someone.  (Tapagria’s menu) It’s kind of like the confusion one feels when working out if something is modern art or toddler art. I feel like I might be offending someone…

IMG_1849 The Scallops wrapped with Spanish bacon ($85) were large, meaty things, but cooked well enough that the salty crust outside felt like worlds apart from the scallop’s soft, sweet, creamy center.  The ganchet bean, grown in the exotic Balearic Islands (ooh ahh), cushioned the robust scallops as a cream, but seemed slightly overwhelmed by everything else, including the enchanting black brush of squid ink oil.

IMG_1847 The slow-cooked crispy suckling pig ($95) was another highlight.  The pork was soft and tender, with a great final crunch on the outside.  It lay on a caramelized slice of apple which gave it some traditional, much needed acidity.  A reduction of honey and mustard helped bring together this plate of sweet and melting meat.

IMG_1844The Albondigas* or Spanish meatballs were packed with flavour, but slightly too salty.  Compared to the other portions, this was rather generous.

IMG_1845The closest thing I can find on the menu to this dish is the Charcoal grilled Presa Iberico with potato mille feuille and Chimi Churri dressing ($110).  I do believe what we see in this photo is just glorified steak and chips.  The mille feuille potato was pretty to look at but would hardly satiate an anorexic chinchilla, let alone two fat foodies.  Perhaps a pass next time.

IMG_1848Our least favourite dish of the night was the Grilled Pulpitos (Octopus) of Palamós ($145) which seemed a little slapdash with some spring onion, garlic and unfortunately, not much else.

However, in all: I would return to Tapagria. Their paella is something to be admired, as are some of their other signatures – all at very reasonable prices.  I was surprised by the pricetags considering what some might charge for Tapagria’s amazing skyline view.  We were blown away overlooking TST and the island beyond from their huge balcony space.  This would definitely be a great spot for some sangrias and quick bites before you cross the harbour.

*Apologies for any price differences, as some of these dishes cannot be found (or have been adjusted slightly) on the current online menu.
  1. These all look SO delicious, even the grilled Pulpitos to some extent! Thanks for the photos and the review!

    • Irene said:

      Thanks for reading! The pulpitos were a beautiful colour, I admit, but the dish itself was lacking refinement. I would definitely return here though. I should’ve taken a photo of the view – it was stunning!

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