Chinese cuisine – Guangdong


Overpriced fishballs usually make me really angry.  But these peppered pork tripe beef balls at The Lobintan remind me of those “explosive pissing beef balls” in the Hong Kong classic, “God of Cookery”.  I really don’t think I can express it better than Stephen Chow’s comedy brilliance, so let me just leave you with this:

The balls are $34 for 7 pieces.  7 pieces of bouncy heaven.

You can find this little food truck near one of the entrances at Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong.


I’ve been dying to play with Chu Hou sauce (柱侯醬) since I got back from London.  Used in Hong Kong cuisine for the legendary stewed beef brisket noodles, ngow lam mien, and apparently made from soybeans, garlic, sesame seeds and ginger, this marinade is the perfect braising sauce for those cheap cuts of meat that love their wet-heat cooking.  So I bought some beef brisket with all the ew tendon bits.

The thing about beef is knowing the cut, or more specifically: where the cut is on the body of the cow and from there, you’re set.  All too often people go for ‘cuts-of-comfort’ and end up paying more than they need to for a good dinner.  Yes, you can grill, pan-fry, roast some sirloin or ribs. but there’s a whole other world to to this fiiiiiine domesticated mammal of gastronomic goodness; namely, udder its belly, and it just needs a different kind of love.

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Seeing as this is a new blog and your love could go either way, I hope to win the reader’s favour by posting some of my dinner the other week.  Cheap trick, I know, but I’m all for whoring around my food – especially with my Nikon DSLR and amateur photography skills, bow chica wow wow.   I’ve only recently started changing the aperture for my photos so that the food looks a little more professional with the selective focus.  Not that it really matters as I only ever post on Facebook so I have easy access to the album when I need my fix.

The Tai Po Hui Market and Cooked Food Center is banging.  You can get some really fresh fish on the first level for cheaps – this particular fish was HK$60, serving at least 4.  (I apologise, I’ll be more specific about which fish next time; to be honest I was just really desperate to make a Chinese-style steamed fish with this steamer I found in the depths of our kitchen.)

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