“I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.” – Dostoyevsky

Throwback to the cutest little teapot, spotted in a quaint London cafe.  Hong Kong weather like this reminds me of when I was last in London.  London is an incredibly walkable city, with a good local cafe or pub to greet you on every corner, depending on the time of day.  Hong Kong, comparatively, isn’t a city for walking.  Partly because it feels like you can’t waste time here.

I’ve stopped drinking coffee regularly for almost a year now, and had green tea brewing in this pot if I remember correctly.  I love masala chai, and the chai latte at Starbucks makes me miss my espresso less.  A milky English breakfast tea just about hits the spot too.

And you, readers?  Coffee, tea?  How do you guys take it?


Keep warm.