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“I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.” – Dostoyevsky

Throwback to the cutest little teapot, spotted in a quaint London cafe.  Hong Kong weather like this reminds me of when I was last in London.  London is an incredibly walkable city, with a good local cafe or pub to greet you on every corner, depending on the time of day.  Hong Kong, comparatively, isn’t a city for walking.  Partly because it feels like you can’t waste time here.

I’ve stopped drinking coffee regularly for almost a year now, and had green tea brewing in this pot if I remember correctly.  I love masala chai, and the chai latte at Starbucks makes me miss my espresso less.  A milky English breakfast tea just about hits the spot too.

And you, readers?  Coffee, tea?  How do you guys take it?


Keep warm.


60 Camberwell Church St, SE5 8QZ, London

I was over at my old flatmates’ new digs in Camberwell the other day.  She’s a bit of a hippie, although say that to her and she’ll shout you out of the room.  ‘Healthy’, ‘organic’, ‘locally-sourced’, ‘sustainable’… these are all cue words that get her hemp horn beeping, her sun-exalted body hemorrhaging from an eco-friendly climax.  And I love that about F, cos it means whenever we hang out I get to feel like, if only for a vegan lunch, I’m clean-living.  A galette at Maloko Creperie was no exception to this transitory glimpse into the Greener Life.

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London, everywhere in London.  This review was at the branch near Camden Passage.


I’ve been told that Byron burger joints have been popping up all around London.  The dining concept is simple: to keep it simple – minimum fuss, no frills.  It’s a shame that seasoning the patties, as well as my courgette fries, seems to be much too much ‘fuss’ for these guys.

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42 Caledonian Road, King’s Cross, Islington, London

I am in London! I suppose this site could be referred to as the Ldn numb.. or Londiniumb for a little bit, but I still have loads of reviews to be published on some HK eateries I visited before I left, so HK food is still – and will always be – my priority.  I hope you can bear with me while I organise myself abroad.  I know all this waiting for another blog post must be killing you…

So I’ll leave you again with, admittedly, not the prettiest plate of food, but all-the-same: my dinner last night. The experience of sharing this huge plate of injera, a sour crumpet-textured pancake, and eating with your hands – no cutlery in sight! – was something special.  And far too much fun.  Maybe not somewhere for a blind date though if you’re not very comfortable with your fellow diner – mucky fingers tend to cross paths as you’re ripping the injera and throwing it down your throat.

This is actually not my first time trying Ethiopian food, but the recommended dishes at Addis were good.  We enjoyed the tender lamb cubes fried with Ethiopian pepper and spices – the Awaze Tibs (£8.95).  The Yetesom Beyaynetu (£8.95), or mild mixed vegetables, were a bit of a mushy mess but individually, nicely seasoned, and easy to scoop up with your fingers.  Ethiopian food is generally quite sour, so you have to adjust your taste buds a little bit to accommodate.


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